Quan Yin Series - Blue Mind
Quan Yin - Compassionate Mind
Quan Yin Series - Kindness
Quan Yin Series - Protector
Quan Yin Series: Primordial
Quan Yin Series: Ocean of Kindness
Quan Yin Series: Benevolence
QuanYin Series - Harmonious
QuanYin Series - Healing
QuanYin Series - Peaceful

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Collage on Paper 2017, Acrylic, inks and photocopy, 23.5" x 16.5"  $180.00

Art is long, life is short. Live with love.

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Quan Yin Series - Protector

Original artwork, collage & mixed media on 140LB acid free watercolor paper - matted and framed, 20"w x 28"h, $325 (prints on canvas, metal or paper available) sizes and price varies