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2022 The Blue Mind Series of Paintings

The "Blue Mind" series started as an inquiry into the psychological and physiological effects of living near a large body of wate, and then developed into a visual exploration. In working with this theme of felt observation I have gone off in several directions of abstraction, landscape representation and imaginary atmospheric cloudscapes. The effects of the Pacific Ocean and its huge expanse of reflected light is hard to escape, as well as the dense grey light of  fogbanks and stormy atmospheric rivers. 

Swimming in the ocean presents another wonderful perspective, and the close encounters with the mammals and fish that inhabit this watery realm.

A recent trip to the Big Island of Hawai'i and witnessing the current eruption in the Halema'uma'u crater, revealed and inspired an investigation into the dynamic nature of geological land formation. This geological processes and the resulting features continue to inform my landscape painting. 

All the paintings in this series are acrylic polymer on canvas, and measure 48"w x 24"h.

Each painting is for sale and framed in natural douglas fir. Each painting is $1,900, +shipping. If you are interesting in purchasing, email me at

Xanadu Cloudscape - SOLD!

Xanadu, the mythic idyllic paradise may still reside in the atmosphere which sustains life on our blue planet. 


I live and work in Santa Cruz, California, at the Tannery Arts Center. If you are in the Santa Cruz area and would like to visit my studio, please email me at or call 831-239-7969, to schedule an appointment.  I am currently in the process of setting up an online shop, and will also be offering prints, so stay tuned, and sign up for my mailing list. I promise not to spam you. 

Atmospheric River

Inspired by the observation of the artist James Turrell, that we live at the bottom of an immense ocean of atmosphere. You can learn more about his work at Rodin Crater.

Spirit of the Waters

Ahhhh! Hawai'i, warm tropical breezes, translucent waters and a wonderful feeling of ease and Aloha! spirit permeating the land and waters. I can never get enough of the beauty and spirit of this place.  

Field Notes on Blue Mind

Original inspiration for my work always comes from the natural world. This series of paintings originated in my love of swimming in wild places, deep lakes, the ocean, rivers, ponds, and soaking in hot springs! Celebrating the mystery that we inhabit a blue planet, which is a miracle orbiting in space, with an atmospheric ocean where we live at the bottom. 

I continue to explore this subject in my travels, from home on the central coast of California, to the wide open skies of Idaho, the waters of Hawai'i. and the pristine waters of Crate Lake in southern Oregon. I always have my sketchbook and art materials ready o document my response to the natural environment. 

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